A Little First Fridays Fun!

First Fridays in Kansas City is something not to be missed. As a traveler I have been to many cities that have their version of a First Friday. However, Kansas City’s First Friday is something unique. It’s a blend of entrepreneurs, fashion, artists, families and young people excited about their city.  Artists and vendors can display their treasures to the most industrious of Kansas City society. It's free entry, and the products are priced to sell. Like a museum, it carries the joys of discovery and enlightenment, but without the price tag. If you see a distinguished map of the West Indies that surely must of belonged to a descendent of Columbus himself, you can fish out your coin purse, and take the priceless treasure home with you! There are two sections of downtown Kansas City that participates in First Fridays: Crossroads and the West Bottom. Both are equally fun to explore. 

Some of our favorite stops during First Fridays:

Three story Bella Patina in the West Bottoms featuring all things vintage and all things Kansas City find information here: http://www.bellapatinakc.com/. Not only can you shop for Landlocked merch at Bella Patina on First Friday, they are open all First Friday Weekend.

Art in the Crossroads district is amazing and you will never know what you will find from children using finger paint and painting over a masterpiece to a breakout street dance. The youtube video below shows perfectly how much fun First Fridays in Kansas City can be: https://youtu.be/2mB-c-QHcwg

I always like to end the night with a town topic burger and an unlimited amount of vintage arcade games at Updown in the Crossroads. Updown takes their vintage gaming experience outside to the parking lot and is found overflowing with people until early in the morning: http://www.updownkc.com

Do you love First Fridays? Is this your first visit or are you a regular? I’d love to hear about your adventures or your favorite place to visit! Find us on Insta at landlocked_kc!