Always Royal

Kansas City is back at it bringing the heat with the Royals opening games last week! Something we all know about Kansas City sports is at times they can break your heart, but most of us here are not fair weather fans and still always root for our home teams. We can all agree it is much easier to be supportive when they come out swinging (pun intended). Any who, the Royals have actually been quoted to be the fastest moving team in the MLB right now. But how far can speed take us over the season?

Coming off of last year’s record being one of the worst in 13 years we can definitely say that the Royals are in a rebuilding period, but that gives us lots of opportunity and room for  improvement over the season. There is only 5 constant players left from when we won the World Series in 2015, but we have gained some very quick players that can help give us the potential to be a real lion again this season. Right now with 2 wins and 3 losses we are starting out the season with some real potential. This season will be about how can we convert Hamilition, Mondesi, and Merrifield from using their speed to correct base placement.

So with all of this being said, how involved do you get into Kansas City sports, in particular watching the Royals? Besides physically going to the games, there are many outlets to stay involved and watch the games around the area. One of my favorite dive spots to down a few brews and watch the game is John’s Big Deck between Power & Light District and River Market. On any nice day the rooftop is open for a good environment and TV’s all around to be able to watch the game. On the Country Club Plaza, The Granfallon is always a good hangout for game days with great drink specials and tasty food. Right off the Plaza there is The Bar, another great divey hangout and most people there to cheer on the game and have a sense of community.

Whether or not you really love sports, cheering on your local teams can actually be really exciting and give you a real sense of community among those you are watching with. I encourage you the start of this lovely baseball season to get out there and try to get involved, even if you do not fully understand what is going on. Or even better, check out a game in person! A weekday game can be affordable and currently the weather has been lovely for it. We also have new designs coming for Landlocked that you could sport while watching and represent your city. Hopefully this season the Royals will not be playing with our heart strings and keep scoring some wins, only time will tell. But I will be faithfully watching as always!

Until next week,