Bookstore Bars as the New Trend

There is a new bubble of bars trending in the KC scene that have two of my very favorite things, cocktails & novels; honestly what could be better? So for some research, I explored Saturday afternoon and dove into two new cool spots with the same concept but very different vibes.

I started at Afterword Tavern & Shelves in the Crossroads Art District, with one of my new favorite cocktails in town, the Tyrannosaurus Tex. It was a mix of vodka, Green Chartreuse (French liqueur with a very herbal taste), luxardo liqueur, peppers, lime, a milk clarification process, and last but not least, a baby dinosaur to accompany the tasty drink. A perfect boozy and earthy cocktail to start of my Saturday afternoon. The vibe at Afterword would be a perfect first date spot in my opinion. It was a cozy and welcoming environment with all the books and games they had to offer. They also have a small food menu, easy to grab a tasty bite or snack while catching up. It was very open and bright on the inside with all the windows they had. This vibe to me is the perfect way to spend getting to know someone new or discussing your favorite book or newly discovered finds with a friend. I really enjoy that you can purchase books here as well and if they don’t have one you might be searching for they will gladly order it for you with no shipping fee. I love the idea of being able to go to a bar and leave having had a deep or philosophical conversation. Not many spots challenge you to discuss meaningful topics and this environment makes that very possible.

After leaving Afterword, it was easy to walk a few blocks and hop on the streetcar to my next boozy bookstore destination, Our Daily Nada in the River Market. While this has the same concept, the vibe here is much different. A very peaceful environment to dive into a good libation and leave my troubles at the door. After leaving a busier scene, it was easy to slow down here and relax while perusing the shelves. They also have a cafe menu they featured some vegetarian and vegan options, I very much enjoyed their smoked salmon toast. Their seasonal cocktails was what I tried most of but they also offered an extensive and unique wine list. The serene setting made it possible to relax by myself but did not alienate others if you felt like interacting either at the bar or the backroom. The backroom also offers a private space to rent out either for a small gathering or book club meeting which very much intrigued me to try and start one with my friend group.

Both of these new spaces to me are solid 10’s here in KC. They offer different settings depending on what you are looking for but have the same core, to enjoy a delicious cocktail and have good conversation over your favorite pieces or sink into a new book without the distractions. I recommend you check both out for your next evening out and enjoy some me time, you will not be disappointed.

Until next week,