Happy New Years Kansas City!

It is a busy Saturday night and you are seated at the bar surrounded by all different kinds of hustle and bustle. The bartender is busy perfecting her mixology of cocktails and maintaining conversation with all of her patrons. As you decide on your drink choice she politely asks you “I did not catch your name dear?”, and as you respond it begins to catch you off guard. No one ever seems to care or ask this question to strangers, but what if we started to? What if we asked this simple question and watched how it changed the culture of the conversation. Little questions such as what is your name or how is your evening going can begin to show equality and respect to the many faces we all come in contact with on the daily. This could be our bartenders, guests, grocery store clerks, Uber drivers; so allow me to go first…

Hello, my name is Kimmy. I am Kansas City, Missouri native and was raised just outside the city in Lee’s Summit. I am a University of Missouri- Kansas City Alumni with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Sociology. I have resided downtown for the past 6 years in multiple different areas including Midtown, River Market, and Waldo. I  now currently own a home in the Waldo area and absolutely love it! I have two roommates and both are wonderful lifelong friends. Together we share two pups, Jasper, an Alaskan Husky and Cain, a gigantic German Shepard.

I absolutely love being able to travel to new parts of the world and have some big adventures planned for 2019 such as Thailand and surrounding islands.  One of my favorite areas to travel to is the Pacific Northwest. I adore the outdoorsy aspects of being able to hike, snowboard, go for long runs or bike rides, and enjoy the views of the ocean. I do a variety of side jobs at the moment including bartending, personal assistant, and content writing.

I have set some goals for this New Year, the first being to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something new every week. This could be as simple as breaking away from my normal latte order to trying a new experience or event going on in Kansas City. The second goal for the year is to remove any self-doubt or hatred and give myself more love. I vow to take more time for myself and not to fear solitude but grow from it. I aim to be healthier mentally, physically, and expand my professional career.

That is where Landlocked: A Kansas City Company comes into play. I was introduced to the Landlocked team a few years back and have maintained a friendship and followed the brand closely over time. At the end of 2018 I was invited to join the team by writing their weekly blog and keep you updated with new apparel releases, the hot buzz in Kansas City, and stories about the people who make up what Kansas City and Landlocked truly represent. It is the people that create the culture that we all proudly wear on our Kansas City apparel. This company is so much more than just an apparel brand; every person involved has a strong story and come from many wide backgrounds. We together choose to represent Equality because it stands for something very different to all of us. If we embrace Equality in all aspects our of lives and constantly send that message out to the universe we then make Kansas City a proud place to live.

Until Next Week,