Happy VDAY Loves

Originally, this day once was a way to celebrate one’s love and affection for someone special in their life. But as of now, we have this idea that Valentine’s Day is quite over dramatic and commercialized. The “holiday” has lost its essence of what the day truly used to represent. So allow me to challenge you today and let’s all flip this day back to its intended purpose.

Equality is one of the driving factors that has pulled the Landlocked team together and I believe that it is one of the strongest words we can use when looking at this day. Equality to me truly means celebrating all different types of love without fear or judgement. FInd a way to remind your partner, friends, parents, peers, etc. that they are all loved and appreciated in different ways to you. I think today is important to remind everyone in your life why they are valued and needed. The challenge for you is to step outside your comfort zone and find little ways to show kindness in all of your interactions today. Strut outside your door with a kind heart and a clear mind and understand that someone you meet today needs to hear some simple words, “You are loved and appreciated. You are amazing and you are enough.”

I think this is an attainable goal for all of us to push ourselves to try. If you are someone who likes to celebrate this day with your special person, then celebrate! This challenge does not interfere with those hot date night plans you might have. This is a challenge you could do together with a partner or friend while out and about this Thursday evening. Treat those serving or attending to you tonight with more love than perhaps you might before. I know this all sounds slightly silly, but you never know who could truly need to hear some encouraging and kind words, so let’s use today to set a good example of that.

For those who still do not have plans for today, I have scrounged up some ideas that are a bit non traditional to do with a partner or friends. Perhaps you could create your own bar crawl but by using only Birds for transportation; We shall call this game “Scooters & Shooters”. It is perfect for today since it is actually warm here in Kansas City. Or perhaps you could go to a dance party being hosted at The Truman this evening, Church of Lazlo’s E.D. Party. Maybe instead of going out you stay in and try and cook a new recipe you’ve been too intimidated to tackle before.

For me, I think acts of service is an easy way to show love to those around you; therefore I have chosen to bake for all my work friends. Sharing homemade food is the way I prefer to get to someone’s heart. For you, a different act of service might be the way or perhaps words of affirmation. Whatever way you choose to participate I just ask that you BE PRESENT. However that may fit into your schedule or daily life, show someone today love and leave hate at the door.  

Until next week,