Mid Year Reflection

I had this idea the other day, what if we all just lived like our time was much more limited? What would you do if you had two or five years left to live? My answer personally is travel and spend time with the ones I love. Luckily, these things can be combined. So this past year that is really what I have been focusing my time and interests on; how can I propel myself to see more parts of the world while meeting new and old faces? I made a vow to myself to travel to one international and to one domestic place each year. This year, it seems I will have out performed myself with 3 domestic trips being Seattle, Denver, and Las Vegas and 2 international trips being Thailand & Spain in the fall. 

While I do not foresee every year being as fruitful as this one with trips, I feel as if I have grown immensely while traveling around and interacting with people from all over the world. There is something about being in a new place that forces you to learn a little more about yourself and those who you might be traveling among. 

The other unique thing I have learned throughout my travels is how much I truly love and enjoy home. Home being the house I built, the city I live, and the friends I surround myself with. While traveling and seeing new places can be life changing, so can the feeling you have when you return home. I have never really appreciated the life I had built for myself until I was away from it for 3 weeks. I have never been more thankful for the life I was blessed with until I saw others up close and personal who are thankful for so much less than what I have access to. While other places are beautiful and can offer activities that home cannot, it makes them that much more special to travel to and experience in a new light. Hiking through mountains, rolling in the mud with elephants, or snowboarding down a hilly blue makes me ever so gracious that I get to have these opportunities and then return to a home that I truly love. 

I realize this is not everyone’s passion, but in my moment of reflection for my year as it is just about half over I challenge you to think about how you could better live your life to its’ full potential. Is there a hobby or past time you wish you would have tried? Is there someone you wished you would have asked out on a date or that puppy you wish you would have rescued from the shelter to have a furry friend. Seriously, stop doubting yourself and start making moves that push you forward because it seems as if time is speeding not slowing down. I promise you that you do not wish to be left behind. Take some time for self reflection this week and decide how you could take a leap of faith and push yourself further. 


Until Next Week,