New Design for this Week's Mood

It is Thursday and I am still constantly seeing KC shirts and beanies, flags flying high on houses and cars, and billboards lingering. I believe that everyone in Kansas City has come to the same mutual agreement, let’s not talk about it, but let’s be about it.  We do not want to discuss, but we all still proudly rep our KC garb throughout the week. Tis a sad week to be a Kansas Citian but one thing all of us fans know is that Kansas City is not an easy place to be a sports fan. Over time, they continue to break our hearts here and there but we all still bleed red, yellow, and blue.

Because of our strong honor, we found this the perfect time here at Landlocked to remind you of how you can represent your pride through our apparel. We have re-released our hybrid tee in a sleek new black with a bold white hybrid that can literally pair well with any of your winter wear. In our time of mourning, this black hybrid tee will simplify your wardrobe while still representing your favorite teams. We have restocked all sizes online so literally if you are reading this it is just a few clicks away (finish reading, then go shop). We thought who better to model off our new design than our very own in house videographer, David.

David picked up a camera around April of last year and then his career really just boomed from there. He traveled internationally for work and was able to learn a lot about video and himself while being overseas. David grew up in the Johnson County area and after relocating to the city and traveling for work he really began to appreciate the idea of equality having not always been exposed to it. David values that Landlocked truly embodies the message of Equality and he gets to use his lens to tell the value and story of each person from a different viewpoint. He loves that Kansas City has a growing competitive vibe here, yet everyone is still very supportive of one another and truly want each other to succeed.

David had been mutual friends with Andrew for about a year and when Landlocked was ready for a full time videographer, we could not think of someone more right for the job. Although David has only been with us about a month now, he loves that everyone here feels like family and he can depend on every player to accomplish their part of the task at hand. David is elated to be apart of the tribe and help grow Landlocked over 2019. It is easy to accomplish great work when you are surrounded by the best of the best, welcome to the family David.