One Buy Wonder

With this rainy, all over the place spring weather we have been having, I have trouble finding that perfect in between outfit that will suit my mood. But this windbreaker has become one of my most staple pieces in my closet to date. Not to mention, it is seriously so comfortable. So let’s breakdown one of my favorite ways to show case this diverse piece, first being a day out and about around the town. I have easily thrown on my favorite ripped jeans with snakeskin ankle booties and lazy black shirt. My hat hides the fact that my hair washing days have not aligned with my day out with the gals. My all black Johnny Cash look is stellar for bouncing around town or meeting up with friends for a quick drink. One of my favorite parts about this design is the deep pockets. I do not even have to worry about carrying a purse and can casually go about my day. 

The next purposeful way to display this piece into your daily style is to make it apart of your athleisure wear. I love being able to make my gym clothes clash with my daily garb, but in a stylish and cute way. I am easily able to throw this on to head to my favorite barre or yoga class. Afterwards, this windbreaker makes it the perfectly stylish outfit to run to the grocery store, snag a coffee and head to the dog park. I don’t feel like a slob in this outfit yet am so practical for my daily life and errands. 

The last way I usually choose to wear this breaker is for a hot date night. For those chilly nights when you actually need a jacket to keep you warm while you are out and about with your boo. It is the ideal way to slightly dress down an outfit while still being sexy. Sticking with my main man Cash, you can see it does wonderful with all black but also pairs really nicely with any other neutrals or even a dark red goes really well. 

Something important we really need to address, this is a UNISEX piece. Just because I just displayed 3 different ways to do it, check out Instagram and you will see every man slays this windbreaker jacket as well. I have found this is one of my favorite pieces to throw in my bag for a long weekend getaway as well. For lengthy car rides it will keep you warm and cozy, and it’s easy to throw on and off all weekend all while staying fab and representing your city. I adore how it has become a conversation piece for many of the places I have traveled because of the interest it has sparked based upon the company name or asking where I found such a diverse unique piece. If you are looking to expand your wardrobe on budget, this is the perfect piece to get the most bang for you buck, I cannot rave enough. 


Until Next Week,