Sequence Climb

Happy Thursday! 


So to start this weekend out we wanted to introduce you to very rad new gym that just landed here in KC. It is called Sequence Climb and it is out in the Crossroads Art District. This giant bouldering hall is not only a place where you can push yourself to new limits of fitness but also has elements for body restoration. 


The owners, Graham & Dara, currently from the Salt Lake City area chose Kansas City as the place to open their first bouldering gym. They had a few other cities in the running but fell in love with the Crossroads District for many different reasons- that us Kansas Citians know and love. They adored the community mindset Crossroads offered with it’s inviting housing and walkability. And as a whole, Kansas City’s combined restaurant scene, relaxed nightlife, and affordability is what drove them to love the area. 


I have never experienced a gym quite like this before- which is when I quickly realized it is so much more than that, it is truly a lifestyle. To start the experience, Graham showed us around the gym which offers a cardio room along with other free weights, kettlebells, and even room for circuit training exercises. Behind that there is a private yoga studio with beautiful high windows for natural sunlight during the day. In the corners of the gym, there was workspaces and hangouts for members to relax after a long day before or after their workout. They offer Roasterie Nitro cold brew coffee on tap and eventually will have member hangouts offered throughout the week. 


The main part of the gym provides a giant space for rope free bouldering climbs. After a quick tour, we got an interactive lesson on how to do our first climbs and laterally move along the wall. He then showed us different ways to invert on the arches and push ourselves in a comfortable manner. Being moderately fit, I assumed that this would not be too much of a difficult workout and was not quite sure what to expect. What I quickly learned was that climbing has everything to do with core and leg strength, and more importantly your mental strength. As climbs became laterally more difficult and some even inverted you had to really trust yourself and own strength. I had to remember to stay calm and move slowly, thinking through every step, and remembering to focus on my breathing. It is much like yoga where finding your center of gravity is truly everything. There was something so zen and wonderful about this experience. Not only was this a great workout and got me out of my comfort zone but I can truly see this space being a place I would want to hang out and spend my free time. 


While non members are free to join in or try after February 2nd, (yes on Groundhog’s Day), there is a great sense of camaraderie that this gym offers that will make you want to become a member. We so often walk into the gym at the same time everyday, with our headphones on to the same playlist and do the same workouts each day of the week. This lifestyle offered at Sequence Climb pushes you so far, that no two workouts could be the same. And unlike a gym where you tune everyone else out; there are always other climbers there to help encourage and offer advice. I love the sense of togetherness established here and believe this could be an amazing team building exercise at work, with friends, or even a fun date! I left that evening with a sense of peace and pride for accomplishing something I honestly thought I would be horrible at. I think this gym will be a big game changer for Kansas City and if you are looking to try something new or push yourself physically and mentally, definitely check out Sequence Climb.



Until next week,