Summer Passport

This week I feel it necessary to share with you one of my favorite ways to explore Kansas City. Every Summer & Winter season Kansas City launches its’ Passport Program, a phenomenal way to explore new pockets of the city. The Passport Program contains around 60 restaurants, bars, coffee shops, wineries, etc, and the really cool catch is that it is buy one get one drinks at all of the places listed in the passport. 

Each place that participates gets to pick what they choose to add to the passport. This could range from draft beers or house wines to their seasonal craft cocktail they are trying to showcase to the public. The passport tends to stretch from anywhere between north and south Kansas City giving you a wide range of areas of town to explore. One of my favorite things about owning a passport is that it keeps me out of my comfort zone. It is easy to have a favorite go to place where you order the same usual drink. With the passport, it pushes me to explore new areas of town I may not always frequent and try drinks that are not always up my alley. Instead of my usual gin drink, I am encouraged to reach outside my usual watering hole and try things I would normally never pick. By doing so, I have discovered many different liquor combinations I never would have explored. 


Another cool perk is that we are not the only city that participates in this program! Multiple  Colorado cities, Madison WC, Washington D.C, and a few others offer passport programs. If you are going to be away for a long weekend it might be worth ordering one beforehand to snag some drink deals and check out some new places to that particular city. I have gotten most of my social circle involved in the program and we all like to have a little passport bar crawl when we go out. We choose an area of town, pick 2-3 places that are walking distance (remember you get 2 drinks at each place), and then have a solid night together exploring new avenues! The passports are available through instagram or online on their website and are super affordable. Discovering this cute Kansas City deal has been one of the greatest investments of my time and money that I could have stumbled upon. The Summer one just began so check it out, I can promise you will not be disappointed. 


Until Next Week,