Summer Reads

Summer is in full swing and to me that means finding some new reads to extend my ongoing self improvement and drown out some noise while laying near the pool. While I will always have some go to books that I will never tire from reading (Harry Potter series to be honest), it is good to get outside your comfort zone. I tend to gravitate to either outlandish fiction novels or non-fiction/self improvement reads. I am going to touch on 3 reads that I think you should consider adding to your list if you are searching for something new.


First on the summer reads is The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. While the title is decently self explanatory, this book really dives into the important in living in the current moment and how to learn to focus directly upon that. This one taught that all pain is really just resistance to what I cannot change and how to reflect on my life as a series of moments. If you need to focus on reshaping how you view the world and your own personal life, order this one now. 


The Power by Naomi Alderman is what I am currently working on finishing and I am quite captivated with this fiction novel. While I am still discovering how it ends, this novel switches our society into one where women can hold a special power and men constantly live in fear. While it resembles a version of Handmaid’s Tale to me, I am loving the symbolic flip of what she is trying to prove. Her writing keeps you captivated page to page and has reminded me of how much I can truly enjoy fiction when it is this fierce. 


You Do You by Sarah Knight has transformed me to become the best version of myself. This book taught me that it is ok to totally let my guard down and live life how I feel fit despite what others may say or think, “Let your freak flag fly” for lack of a better term. It has provided me with the security that is vital to put my own happiness before others and learn that selfishness is crucial to my own needs. I have been able to reshape the way I view myself all while enjoying her eclectic and very funny writing. If you are needing an empowering or intelligent read this one is for you. 


If none of these novels seem to strike your fancy, then find a solid read that works for you. I have found much solace this summer in my hammock or near the pool flipping through pages. Even some of the new bookstore bars have done the trick on a weekday afternoon or evening for a solid setting. I challenge you to find a riveting read this summer and feed your mind.


Until Next Week,