The Stockyards District

This week I have spent a lot of time in one of my favorite, very underrated parts of town, the Stockyards District. The Stockyards District began forming in 1871 and quickly after began to  boom in the 1920’s. The Stockyards received over 2 million cattle and by the 1940’s it was the second largest stockyard in the country. In 1974, Kansas City and the American Royal built Kemper Arena (now known as the Hy-Vee Arena) and in the early 90’s the stockyards officially closed their doors. This area sat desolate and under renovations for quite some time but by 2008 innovation started to happen. Genessee Royale Bistro opened its doors in the home of an old filling station. After that, this area started the growth for many other businesses, restaurants, and bars to follow.

In 2012,  Michael and Kerry Amigoni opened the doors to their Urban winery, Amigoni Winery. Their winery started in their backyard in Leawood, Kansas, which they quickly outgrew and now source grapes from the Lodi California region. Their vision was to have a city setting for their urban winery, giving them a tasting room, barrel room and event space. Their current space in the Daily Drovers Telegram Building (est. in 1909), offers them all the above. The winery has expanded much since their opening and they have big plans for 2019. You are able to become a wine club member these days and they hope to start offering behind the scene tours and classes including Cellar Experiences, Barrel Experiences, and Blending Experiences.

I truly have come to adore this winery for many reasons. The culture around the Stockyards District makes it a different experience than many others in the area. I love that they offer more of a California Wine style than just Missouri wines. My personal favorite currently is their Petit Verdot, it is a true full bodied red with dark fruit forward flavors and it is aged longer than any other wine they offer. Stop by here for a tasting on a chilly saturday afternoon if you are looking for a new urban hang out.

Stockyards Brewing Co. is another place you cannot miss if you are in the area. In 2015, the innovative Greg Bland opened his doors for Stockyard Brewery Company.  The building where the brewery is located has much history tied to being right next to where The Golden Ox once served some of the finest Kansas City steaks. The Golden Ox originally opened in 1949 in the bottom floor of the LiveStock Exchange building and proudly served until 2014. Hoping to maintain the spirit of the Ox, the Brewery took over the building and coordinated their decor to the Ox which you can see in their taproom and bar. My go to beer here is always the Brunch Stout; it is an American stout with hints of chocolate and oatmeal tasting notes. I recently discovered that the stout actually has local Thou Mayest cold brew coffee added directly into the tank, no wonder I love it so much! If you are looking for a new beer to get out of your comfort zone, go straight for the Black IPA, it contains such a complex variety of hops.

While I highlighted these two drinking places, there are still many other famous establishments that you should check out if around the area. If looking for a brunch spot or swanky cute dinner for and your boo, Voltaire is just the spot. If you need a hangout after work to blow off some steam, Lucky boys is the perfect dive bar. I truly believe the Stockyards District is the new hot place in Kansas City and foresee many more places opening up here in the near future. Switch up your routine and go check out some of these fabulous places, you will not be disappointed.