Transgender Day of Visibility

We judge things we cannot comprehend.We put fear in the place of misunderstanding. Instead of opening a conversation, at times we run from it. This week and those to follow I invite you to be more open. One of the most beautiful things we can do as humans is question and attempt to better understand everything that is not the same as ourself. A large part of equality means taking time out of your day to learn and respect one another's stories and hardships. We are all equal, we are all one kind; just a kind that comes in many different colors, shapes, genders, sizes, sexualities and backgrounds.

March 31st of every year is Transgender Day of Visibility, set to celebrate transgender people and bring more awareness to the discrimination that does still exist worldwide. It is a day to hear about the struggles and accomplishments of those in the transgender community. On Thursday March 28th, Kansas City will be hosting its fifth annual Transgender Day of Visibility event for the trans community. It will be held at the Grand Room at Grand Street Cafe and will be presented by Mid America GLCC and Human Rights Campaign-KC. It is a FREE event and there will be a resource fair available starting at 4 pm and a reception held from 5:30-7:30. The resource fair is one of the largest in the region that can help provide materials for an individual or friends and family searching for more outlets to learn. This day gives us a chance to celebrate and hear the stories of transgender community here in our city. It is an opportunity to better understand their struggles and to align within one another as a whole.

This is such an important day that needs more light to be shown upon it. The transgender community has long been misunderstood by a lot of the general public and finally there is a day to celebrate who each individual is and better understand the pain and struggle one might have suffered to finally be their own true self. Tune in next week when we really dive into some of the stories of those among us. It is  incredible to hear anyone’s story that is on a mission to discover the most comfortable and freeing version of themselves.

Until next week,