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Find Your Authentic Self

We toss the word Equality around a lot but what does that actually look like? What does Equality actually mean to each of us? It can be a very tied up, overused word but one of the best definitions I have come up with is that not one person should be judged or held back based upon their identity, social status, characteristics or interests. Equality means that we should all be affirmed for who we are and have the same chances in life. Obviously, this is not always the case but what we can we each individually do to make this definition more true and prevalent in our lives. We live in a really cool world right now, where one...

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Transgender Day of Visibility

We judge things we cannot comprehend.We put fear in the place of misunderstanding. Instead of opening a conversation, at times we run from it. This week and those to follow I invite you to be more open. One of the most beautiful things we can do as humans is question and attempt to better understand everything that is not the same as ourself. A large part of equality means taking time out of your day to learn and respect one another's stories and hardships. We are all equal, we are all one kind; just a kind that comes in many different colors, shapes, genders, sizes, sexualities and backgrounds. March 31st of every year is Transgender Day of Visibility, set to...

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Beginning of Spring means Green

More hours of daylight and heavy rain showers show that we are in the beginning stages of springtime here in Kansas City. Which means less being cooped up in our homes and many events occuring on the weekends now! This weekend is expected to be wild with St. Patty’s Day creeping upon us. There are many different ways to get your green beer and enjoy traditions with friends this weekend. To me, one of the most traditional ways to enjoy our Irish roots is the Snake Saturday Parade that is held in North Kansas City.  As a child, I remember riding on the back of my dad’s Harley Davidson multiple different years in the parade being on cloud nine. As...

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To Thailand and Back

Happy Thursday dears! I am in a whirlwind of happiness and jet lag today seeing as I just returned home from Thailand late last night.  It was 15 days filled with hikes, waterfalls, elephants, ocean activities, island hopping, and loads of delicious and sometimes questionable street food. On surface level one of my favorite activities we did was the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary. We only had 4 people in our group and 5 elephants so the interaction time was at an all time high.  I also enjoyed the many difficult & sweaty hikes in the 95 degree weather surprisingly enough. All of them had killer views and a giant sense of accomplishment once reaching the top. We took many boat...

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Bookstore Bars as the New Trend

There is a new bubble of bars trending in the KC scene that have two of my very favorite things, cocktails & novels; honestly what could be better? So for some research, I explored Saturday afternoon and dove into two new cool spots with the same concept but very different vibes. I started at Afterword Tavern & Shelves in the Crossroads Art District, with one of my new favorite cocktails in town, the Tyrannosaurus Tex. It was a mix of vodka, Green Chartreuse (French liqueur with a very herbal taste), luxardo liqueur, peppers, lime, a milk clarification process, and last but not least, a baby dinosaur to accompany the tasty drink. A perfect boozy and earthy cocktail to start of...

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