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One Buy Wonder

With this rainy, all over the place spring weather we have been having, I have trouble finding that perfect in between outfit that will suit my mood. But this windbreaker has become one of my most staple pieces in my closet to date. Not to mention, it is seriously so comfortable. So let’s breakdown one of my favorite ways to show case this diverse piece, first being a day out and about around the town. I have easily thrown on my favorite ripped jeans with snakeskin ankle booties and lazy black shirt. My hat hides the fact that my hair washing days have not aligned with my day out with the gals. My all black Johnny Cash look is stellar...

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Rooftop Season

There is so much happening this weekend in Kansas City, I cannot contain my excitement. To start, it is the second First Fridays of the year in the Crossroads Art District and supposed to be gorgeous weather all weekend.With that, On Broadway will be having their monthly rooftop party that cannot be missed. Percheron on top of the Crossroads Hotel is officially open for business as well this weekend and it is quite magical. I had the pleasure to attend the opening on Thursday and can say with confidence the views and drink menu is stellar. I was able to try a few different cocktails but towards the top of my list I would put the “Paid Time Off” which...

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Earth Day on My Mind

This coming Monday April 22nd might be one of the most important nationally marked days, Earth Day. Growing up I remember learning about the importance of keeping the planet clean, not littering and learning how to recycle different products. But as an adult while all of that is important, there is a big part we are missing and that is reduce. Reduce your waste as much as possible. If everyone could tweak a few small things then the planet could be a much cleaner place. Easy immediate fixes: a reusable water bottle like a Hydroflask or S’well bottle, which keep things cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 and actually truly does. I do not know of any place...

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Brew to Brew

Tis’ the season for lovely patio weather and sipping back a few brews. And guess what? KC has tons of breweries popping up everywhere! Let’s first discuss some of the new releases with our good old faithful Boulevard Brewing Company. This week they officially released their summer Fling Craft Cocktails in a can. They are all natural and gluten free coming in four different flavors; Mai Tai, Margarita, Cucumber Gin & Tonic and a Blood Orange Vodka Soda. So far the G&T has been my personal favorite and all come in around 7% alcohol content, perfect for a boating or pool day if you ask me! In the downtown area I have seen so many local breweries starting to grow....

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Always Royal

Kansas City is back at it bringing the heat with the Royals opening games last week! Something we all know about Kansas City sports is at times they can break your heart, but most of us here are not fair weather fans and still always root for our home teams. We can all agree it is much easier to be supportive when they come out swinging (pun intended). Any who, the Royals have actually been quoted to be the fastest moving team in the MLB right now. But how far can speed take us over the season? Coming off of last year’s record being one of the worst in 13 years we can definitely say that the Royals are in...

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