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 This weekend marks as you probably all know one of the biggest Boulevard Festivals of the entire year, Boulevardia! Hosted in our vibrant Stockyards District, Boulevardia is a pop up party that draws people from all over the nation to celebrate Kansas City, craft beer, music, and  a sense of community in the midwest.    Let’s talk about the music lineup this year. In past years, Boulevardia has been pretty solid with trying to incorporate local artists mixed with the alternative flair that is usually playing. In recent years, we’ve seen Tech N9ne headline, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear mixed in with alternative hits like Meg Myers and Sir Sly. This year, some of our big local names will...

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Summer Passport

This week I feel it necessary to share with you one of my favorite ways to explore Kansas City. Every Summer & Winter season Kansas City launches its’ Passport Program, a phenomenal way to explore new pockets of the city. The Passport Program contains around 60 restaurants, bars, coffee shops, wineries, etc, and the really cool catch is that it is buy one get one drinks at all of the places listed in the passport.  Each place that participates gets to pick what they choose to add to the passport. This could range from draft beers or house wines to their seasonal craft cocktail they are trying to showcase to the public. The passport tends to stretch from anywhere between...

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Mid Year Reflection

I had this idea the other day, what if we all just lived like our time was much more limited? What would you do if you had two or five years left to live? My answer personally is travel and spend time with the ones I love. Luckily, these things can be combined. So this past year that is really what I have been focusing my time and interests on; how can I propel myself to see more parts of the world while meeting new and old faces? I made a vow to myself to travel to one international and to one domestic place each year. This year, it seems I will have out performed myself with 3 domestic trips...

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Pride Fest

As June approaches, we need to talk about why this month has become so valuable to our current climate. While some cities choose to honor different weekends, the entire month of June marks the celebration of Pride month. Kansas City’s Pride weekend is celebrated the first weekend of June in Berkley Riverfront Park with the theme this year representing “Diversity Not Division”. The whole idea of Pride month is to provide an inclusionary event where all people can feel celebrated for who they are and be surrounded by those who support and love them. Kansas City starting doing their Pride fest in 1975, with the first one being hosted at a local Gay community house. While Kansas City may not...

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Flash Sale

With summer around the corner, we all have had to do some spring cleaning to clear out and and make some space for summer finds. Here at Landlocked, we are including you in our spring cleaning and doing a 2 Day Flash Sale starting Friday at 8 AM (the 17th) and ending Saturday at noon (the 18th). This flash sale will include our hybrid grey pennant Kansas City tee perfect for any sporting event.  The pennant mixing in our Royals and Chiefs makes it the ideal shirt to throw on to represent when those seasons cross and you want to rep both teams. It is ultra light weight and seriously the softest material. The light material is nice to sit...

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