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Happy VDAY Loves

Originally, this day once was a way to celebrate one’s love and affection for someone special in their life. But as of now, we have this idea that Valentine’s Day is quite over dramatic and commercialized. The “holiday” has lost its essence of what the day truly used to represent. So allow me to challenge you today and let’s all flip this day back to its intended purpose. Equality is one of the driving factors that has pulled the Landlocked team together and I believe that it is one of the strongest words we can use when looking at this day. Equality to me truly means celebrating all different types of love without fear or judgement. FInd a way to...

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The Stockyards District

This week I have spent a lot of time in one of my favorite, very underrated parts of town, the Stockyards District. The Stockyards District began forming in 1871 and quickly after began to  boom in the 1920’s. The Stockyards received over 2 million cattle and by the 1940’s it was the second largest stockyard in the country. In 1974, Kansas City and the American Royal built Kemper Arena (now known as the Hy-Vee Arena) and in the early 90’s the stockyards officially closed their doors. This area sat desolate and under renovations for quite some time but by 2008 innovation started to happen. Genessee Royale Bistro opened its doors in the home of an old filling station. After that,...

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FlipSwitch VR

This past week I died twice, cause of death you ask? Zombies. My rifle could not reload quick enough and they devoured my feet and up until I passed into the afterlife...and 10 seconds later I was rebooted. FlipSwitch Virtual Reality in the Crossroads Art District is the new future. I have never in my life experienced a more realistic gaming adventure. The gaming room is around 1,200 square feet of playing area and allows up to three players per game cooperatively. After getting suited up and a quick tutorial of buttons and switches, you are fully immersed into the game and ready to battle for your virtual life. We choose to play Arizona Sunshine: The Zombie Apocalypse but also...

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New Design for this Week's Mood

It is Thursday and I am still constantly seeing KC shirts and beanies, flags flying high on houses and cars, and billboards lingering. I believe that everyone in Kansas City has come to the same mutual agreement, let’s not talk about it, but let’s be about it.  We do not want to discuss, but we all still proudly rep our KC garb throughout the week. Tis a sad week to be a Kansas Citian but one thing all of us fans know is that Kansas City is not an easy place to be a sports fan. Over time, they continue to break our hearts here and there but we all still bleed red, yellow, and blue. Because of our strong...

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What's Your Brand?

  So, while stuffing our faces with Port Fonda’s Restaurant Week menu, I got to further get to know one of Landlocked’s newest members, Darrell Vanterpool. He is now the Digital Content and Brand Manager for Landlocked and Marknology, an E-commerce marketing agency. I personally have known Darrell for about a year through mutual friends and recently have discovered how cheerful and inspiring he is. This man is truly a jack of all trades and brightens up any room he walks into. His story is quite unique and how he became involved with Landlocked actually warms my heart. He knew Andrew and Veronika, the founders, though the church band they both played in on Sundays. As Darrell became closer with the...

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